The foundation has been conducting environmental events and awareness raising activities in the Island of Mindoro for the past 10 years to increase the appreciation of local stakeholders on biodiversity and its conservation. There are biodiversity talks in schools, photo exhibits, biodiversity quiz, coastal cleanups and barangay cleanups, among others.

The MISSION program of the foundation aims to promote collaborative conservation effort with local partners in Mindoro, especially in communities in selected priority sites. In the three-year development plans that were formulated by the partner people’s organizations, proper waste management and barangay/ coastal cleanups were identified as priority activities.

In line with this, a coastal cleanup was conducted in Natandol, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro on May 31, 2018 and barangay cleanup conducted in Barangay Lantuyang, Baco, Oriental Mindoro on April 15, 2018. These activities aim to promote awareness on proper waste management and eventually change their behavior towards minimizing their waste, maintaining the cleanliness in their respective areas and proper disposal of garbage. A total of 80 locals from Barangay Natandol participated in the coastal cleanup, while 42 locals from barangay Lantuyang participated in the barangay cleanup. Garbage collected were segregated to biodegradable and non-biodegradable. And with the help of the Barangay local government unit, trash collected were properly transported and disposed.