MBCFI facilitated an assembly meeting in Sitio Ulasan, Barangay Harrison on 16 February 2017 attended by 34 indigenous peoples from Sitio Bulakan and Ulasan. The agenda of the meeting is to encourage these individuals to form a people’s organization which has been attained by the end of the day. They agreed to register their group with the name, “Pangkalikasang Samahan ng Ulasan,” and elected their set of officers by viva voce.

Another meeting with the same agenda was held in Sitio Hinugasan the following day attended by 28 indigenous people. Without any opposition, the community agreed to register their group as “Sagip Bantay Calavite sa Paluan”.

After formation of groups, MBCFI facilitated the PO action planning  on February 21-22, 2017 at Sitio Pamutusin, Barangay Harrison, Paluan which was attended by 38 officers and members of Pangkalikasang Samahan ng Ulasan and Sagip Bantay Calavite sa Paluan. Each PO formulated a 3-year development plan and 1-year action plan. The two organizations designated 55 members as volunteer forest guards, 20 are from Pangkalikasang Samahan ng Ulasan and 35 from Sagip Bantay Calavite sa Paluan.

After preparing all necessary documents for registration, MBCFI provided assistance in registering the POs with the Department of Labor and Employment on 27 February 2017.

After the DOLE registration, each PO established their own nurseries and growth chambers containing 1000 native trees seedlings. The establishment transpired on March 21, 30 and 31 in Sitio Ulasan, Pamutusin and Hinugasan respectively.