Nestea selected MBCFI as the partner NGO to represent Puerto Galera for this year’s Refresh the Beach Campaign together with BFI and FEED Inc. representing other beaches such as Boracay and La Union, respectively. The campaign is through social media mobilization, in which a person will take a video of themselves doing the Nestea plunge while pledging for the beach of their choice and at the same time nominating a friend to do the same challenge within 24 hours, will upload, post or tweet and share the video with hashtags #PlungeToPledge and #PlungeForBoracay, #PlungeForLaUnion or #PlungeForPuertoGalera on any social media platforms. The most number of videos posted will win the grand prize of beach clean-up package worth 1 million pesos.

To kick start the campaign, MBCFI held a two-day Plunge event at White Beach on March 25-26, 2017 to promote the campaign to the community. Reinforcement from teachers and municipal employees of Puerto Galera encouraging visitors, locals and foreigners alike to do the plunge. On April 2, 2017, local government of Puerto Galera spearheaded a plunge campaign, also in White Beach. Candidates of Search for Miss Puerto Galera served as the ambassadors for the event. LGU officials, local business owners, civil society organizations, academes and concerned citizens supported the event and flocked at the beach to do the plunge.

An online group dedicated to the posting, tweeting and sharing of plunge for Puerto Galera videos were also formed to ensure that there will be an all-day monitoring of social media postings.

And with all of these combined efforts and initiatives of MBCFI,  Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro, Local Government Unit of Puerto Galera, Department of Education, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, local business owners, communities, teachers, student and visitors, Puerto Galera garnered the most number of pledges with a total of 10, 959 from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting. Truly, everything is possible. As the saying goes, “Kayang-kaya kung sama-sama.”