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MBCFI is officially a member of the IUCN Environmental Governance Summit 2017 Strengthening the Capacity of Apo Reef Natural Park Rangers First Quarter Newsletter 2017 Sustaining Forest Conservation Efforts in Ilin and Ambulong Islands Puerto Galera Wins Big! Honeybee for Mangyan Communities PO formation in Mt. Calavite Wildlife Sanctuary
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MBCFI is officially a member of the IUCN

The Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (MBCFI), is pleased to announce its membership to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN is the largest and most diverse environmental network worldwide. As of 2017, there are only six Philippine organizations that are members of the IUCN. Mindoro is considered a separate biogeographical […]

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Environmental Governance Summit 2017

Global climate patterns have been changing, and the Philippines, most specifically the Mindoro islands were not spared from this phenomenon. This climate change would greatly affect the watershed areas in the islands of Mindoro. Sustainable development as defined by the United Nation’s “Our common Future” is to meet the needs of the present generations without […]

MBCFI goes to Bicol University!

The Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (MBCFI) gave a lecture and training to Bachelor in Science in Biology Students of the Department of Biology, College of Science of Bicol University during its 2017 Bio Summerians. Bio Summerians is a summer course offered in Bicol University for third year BS Biology students. It is a one-month […]

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Strengthening the Capacity of Apo Reef Natural Park Rangers

The composition of DENR-Apo Reef Natural Park- Protected Area Office (DENR-ARNP-PAO), was recently reorganized and it is now managed by a new set of officers and staff. To strengthen the capacity of the park rangers and support staff in the conduct of quarterly biodiversity monitoring, the PAO organized the Apo Reef Natural Park Biodiversity Monitoring […]

Chairmans Report

First Quarter Newsletter 2017

A year of transition and moving forard. There have been significant changes in the organization last year; changes in trustees, hence, the Officers of the Board and the Executive Director. (more…)

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Sustaining Forest Conservation Efforts in Ilin and Ambulong Islands

As the support of Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation ended in 2016, MBCFI decided to continue the project through the support of Malampaya Joint Venture Partners. Restoration and woodlot sites established in the previous years will be maintained and regularly monitored in partnership with POs created. MBCFI assisted in the establishment of a growth chamber […]

PuertoGalera (2)

Puerto Galera Wins Big!

Nestea selected MBCFI as the partner NGO to represent Puerto Galera for this year’s Refresh the Beach Campaign together with BFI and FEED Inc. representing other beaches such as Boracay and La Union, respectively. The campaign is through social media mobilization, in which a person will take a video of themselves doing the Nestea plunge […]

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Honeybee for Mangyan Communities

Nine (9) members of people’s organization from Mts. Iglit-Baco National Park attended a 3-day training on native honeybee culture at Milea Bee Farm in San Jose, Batangas City on April 20-21, 2017. The objective of the training is to teach forest-dependent Mangyans the modern techniques of honeybee culture to avoid extraction of honey from the […]

PO formation

PO formation in Mt. Calavite Wildlife Sanctuary

MBCFI facilitated an assembly meeting in Sitio Ulasan, Barangay Harrison on 16 February 2017 attended by 34 indigenous peoples from Sitio Bulakan and Ulasan. The agenda of the meeting is to encourage these individuals to form a people’s organization which has been attained by the end of the day. They agreed to register their group […]

Rattan and Bamboo Propagation Training

MBCFI provided training on Rattan, Uway and Bamboo propagation which aims to promote awareness to farmers on the importance and benefits of planting rattan, uway and bamboo. In addition, this training would eventually help the indigenous peoples to raise yield and income through proper adoption of the technology. The training was conducted from March 26-29, […]





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